Ahmad Kurdy

I am Ahmad Kurdy from Saida, Lebanon. I started my game collection since 2013 and have a bunch of consoles and games in it as of this date. But I began with a good starting number of 0 games (Yeah, I know itís impressive).
Being a pretty avid gamer since my youth, I assumed I could tell the worth of a game from the top of my head (You know, because Iím awesome like that. Right?). Unfortunately, this led to me spending much more money than I should have on games that I could have found for much less.
I personally have 2 goals for my collecting: Collect as many consoles as I can, and collect the games I used to have as a kid :)

My Favorite Games

Atari : Pitfall - Frogger - PacMan
NES : Castlevania - Contra -Batman-The Legend of Zelda - Donkey Kong - Tetris - Ninja Gaiden - Metroid - Duck Hunt - excitebike - TMNT - Final Fantasy - Metal Gear - MegaMan 2 - Super Mario Bros - Street Fighter II
SNES : Doom - Street Fighter II - Mortal Kombat - MegaMan X3 - TMNT in time - Contra 3- Earthworm jim - Super Castlevania IV - Final Fantasy 2 - Super Mario World Yoshi Island - Donkey Kong Country - StarFox - Super metroid - Legend of zelda Link to the path
SEGA : Sonic the Hedghog 2 - the revenge of shinnobi -ghouls n'goblin - Contra Hard Corps - Comix Zone -Altered Beast -the lion king - zombie ate my neighboor - Golden Axe - Castlevania Bloodlines - TMNT The hyper stone - Street of rage 2 - aladdin - mortal kombat 2 -Earthworm jim
N64 : Castlevania 64 - Wwf no mercy - StarFox 64- Quake - Doom -the legend of zelda Ocarina of time - the legend of zelda majora mask - Golden Eye 007 -resident evil - super mario 64 - Mortal Kombat Trilogy -banjo kazooie - Perfect Dark - Super smash bros

My Best Games :)

    In General

  • Castlevania

    Holy hell, this game is still so much fun! One of my favorite childhood games

  • Dave (Dos version)

    This is my first DOS game, i spent several hours playing the adventure of Dave :)