About us

This website is dedicated to those people who like to collect vintage computers, video game consoles and vintage software no matter what brand it is, This is a place to find out more about them.

My collection often helps to satisfy several goals or desires of the collector. As with most collections, the idea is to preserve what the collector feels is an important legacy from the past by assembling a collection of older systems and software that tell the story of how computers revolution advanced over the years.

In conclusion, if you collect early computers, you'll enjoy this site. 

My story begins here...

In 1986 my father brought home a Commodore 128D Computer which hooked up to the back of the TV. With 5.25" Floppies and joysticks, I played many popular games. I used that computer to teach myself BASIC a couple of years before my classmates and I would find that the school had a room of Assembled IBM compatible computers for us to learn on.

Well, in 1990 my dad brought for me a new computer... a new computer, one that i can play any popular game on or any software, under DOS and Windows 3.11 platforms.
and after few years i discovered that my hobby became my profession, fixing computers for friends and family for free!! Just a few months before I got stuck redoing 50 hours of software development for a customer for $100 and here i startet my journey for my career in Hardware and Software installing and troubleshooting...

Now, i am an IT guy working part-time for a Company and i own a Computer and English Courses Institute that fill my other part of my day!